Many years have passed since the death of Emperor Palpatine at Endor. His death was a catalyst for the plucky Rebellion to become a legitimate government. However, the Galactic Civil War rages on. Despite the loss of their Emperor, the Imperials continue to fight in an effort to reclaim worlds now lost to them. As the two galactic superpowers vie for supremacy, Organized Crime runs riot. Smugglers sneak in and out of territories, bringing illegal goods to those willing to pay top credit. The outer rim worlds are a haven for those looking to disappear. In a time of war, mercenaries are high in demand. Immoral souls, sold to the highest bidder to do the wet work of others. Pirates raid the space lanes, preying on unsuspecting traders for credits and their booty. Alliances are forged and broken as factions attempt to gain a foothold in the galaxy.

Freeworlds is a Total Conversion Mod. What does that mean? Gone are all the original Freelancer stuff. Every ship, every base, every system is completely customized. Join pilots from around the world! Whether you are from the USA, Europe or Down Under, Freeworlds has an international cast of characters for you to meet. X-Wings, TIE fighters, YT-1300 freighters, Star Destroyers! All these ships and more. Take your pick from the ships made famous in the Star Wars saga to fly! Have your choice of careers within a faction. Be a power trader that adds extra zeros to your factions bank balance. Prefer to fight? Work your way up through the fighter ranks to place in a decorated squadron. Starfighters not big enough? Then try your hand at flying a capital ship bristling with turbolasers and reign down terror on your enemies.

Whether you want to be a good guy, bad guy or just a shady guy, we have a faction to suit your tastes. Currently Freeworlds supports the following factions: New Republic, Galactic Empire and Organized Crime. Factions have the opportunity to take bases from hostile forces in weekly Territorial Engagements. Be a part of a massive battle for supremacy over who gets to lay claim to a base. A maintenance system for factions ensures that trading never becomes redundant. Keep your faction afloat and ensure your side can afford the gruelling financial cost of war.

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